The Greenlife Water industry-leading environmentally friendly and affordable water filtration systems deliver a wide gamut of health, environmental, cost savings, and, of course, water quality benefits.

Healthy Living

  • Every life-giving and healing process that happens inside the body happens with water. Just think about it: The human body is more than 70% water, the blood is more than 80% water, the brain is more than 75% water, and the liver is 96% water!
  • Clean, pure water for drinking, cooking, laundry, cleaning, bathing, showering, even brushing your teeth
  • Health benefits for skin, hair and overall well-being (e.g., helps prevent dry/itchy skin)
  • Healthy minerals — the Greenlife Water whole home filtration system doesn’t remove minerals or fluoride, just the harmful contaminants and chemicals
  • Clean, great-tasting drinking water conveniently available from every tap — from your kitchen to your bathroom sink
  • All the clean water you want, when you want it (whatever your water capacity needs)
  • A 99% reduction in chlorine for safer showering (more chlorine enters the body as chloroform through dermal absorption and inhalation while showering than through drinking tap water) and improved indoor air quality (chlorine no longer released into the air from hot water –dishwasher, shower, etc.). Eliminating the chlorine at the source resolves this health concern.
  • Healthier skin and hair: Without the drying effects of chlorine, the body is able to retain its natural moisturizers/oils and skin becomes softer, healthier, and younger looking (better for everyone especially those with skin conditions like eczema, etc.); hair softer and healthier
  • Kitchen: Reduced soap scum and water spots on dishes and glassware, prolonged appliance life-cycle
  • Prevention and Healing with Water: An increased intake of healthy water will enhance digestion, nutrient absorption, weight loss, skin hydration, detoxification, metabolism and virtually every aspect of better health!
  • More lather, less residue: Soaps, shampoos and detergents lather better and rinse out more quickly and thoroughly meaning less residue on you, your dishes, sinks, etc.


Better for the Environment

“The average Greenlife Water customer removes more than 600 bottles from our landfills!”

  • Environmentally Friendly: Helps reduce bottled water usage and therefore decreases landfill and costs (more green in your pocket, more green for the environment)
  • Home bottling water kit: Free reusable glass bottles for home bottling of water for your on-the-go needs. Unlike plastic bottles which leach plastic by-products like BPA and phthalate into the water, affecting both taste and purity, glass maintains the pure quality and taste of filtered water and is 100% recyclable.
  • Process doesn’t use electricity or waste water (back washing) like reverse osmosis

Cleaner, Better Quality, Delicious Water

Greenlife Water filtration systems make water taste better by enhancing purity, clarity and taste. Get ready for water that is crisp, clean, delicious and healthier!

  • Three-step filtration process removes chemicals, bad odours/smells and bad tastes
  • Changes the calcium and magnesium carbonate and sulfate crystals into a compound that won’t adhere to metallic surfaces so that scaling is reduced on pipes and in appliances and water pressure is maintained (acts like a water softener)
  • Removes impurities and contaminants:
    • Reduces 99% of the chlorine (including taste and odour) and balances pH.
    • Reduces up to 98% of lead, mercury, nickel, copper, chromium, cadmium, cobalt, and other dissolved heavy metals (KDF Lead Removal Certification)
    • Removes dirt and microscopic particles
  • And with all of that, it does not produce clogging or flow-rate disruption

Low Monthly Payment, Free Lifetime Maintenance

  • Affordable, convenient billing and lifetime product service and maintenance warranty
  • No New Bill! Your Greenlife Water charges will be included on your Enbridge Gas Distribution* bill
  • One low monthly payment — like renting your water heater or alarm system
  • No upfront costs: Free installation and filtration system
  • Lifetime annual filter replacement cartridges
  • Lifetime product maintenance
  • Full product service and warranty
  • Referral program to reward recommendations (one qualified referral equals one free month of rental fees)
  • Save money when renting the system versus buying outright (during filtration system lifecycle)

Other Potential Cost Savings

  • Prolongs appliance life-cycle and improves performance (result of reduced scaling) so appliances last longer
  • Soaps, shampoos, detergents lather and clean better so you need less
  • Saves money compared to purchasing plastic water bottles (also beats lifting or storing heavy 5 gallon plastic bottles; no more carafe and fridge filters to replace)

It’s no longer a luxury to have a whole home filtration system: Greenlife Water filtration systems provide an affordable and convenient option for everyone.

Get Greenlife Water and rest easy knowing you made the smartest decision about the water in your home!

*Greenlife Water’s charges will appear in the other companies section of your Enbridge Gas Distribution bill. These offers and claims are made by Greenlife Water alone. Greenlife Water is not owned or affiliated with Enbridge Inc. or Enbridge Gas Distribution.

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